VP Publications


Vice President (Publications) Duties

From the constitution:

The Vice-President for Publications shall preside over the standing committee for publications, present nominations for the membership of the said committee to the Executive Committee, provide leadership for attainment and maintenance of high level of quality and efficiency in the Association publications, maintain Association archives, and keep an accurate record of all the activities of the office.


Duties related to MERGA’s aims

  • promoting high quality research and high quality publications of recent mathematics education research and teaching developments through MERGA publications
  • managing the selection of journal editors, special issues and editorial boards 
  • in conjunction with the MERGA Executive, initiating and managing changes to MERGA policy and procedures regarding MERGA publications
  • taking overall responsibility for the publication of journals, conference proceedings  and books (including the 4-yearly reviews of Australasian mathematics education research)


Typical activities and responsibilities

  • chairing the Standing Committee for Publication
  • providing information to members regarding MERGA publications and opportunities to author and edit MERGA publications
  • ensuring that the publication pages on the MERGA website are correct and include current MERGA publications online
  • ensuring distibution of journals and other publications to members (individual and institutional) and to contracted research data-base providers
  • taking responsibility for promoting Library subscrptions
  • liaising with administrative staff on sales and distribution of publications
  • advertising MERGA publications through the MERGA website and various mathematics education research fora
  • liaising, advising and assisting Editors on policy and procedures to ensure the timely production of journals and books
  • advertising vacant editorial positions for journals, special issues and books and vacant positions on editorial boards
  • in conjunction with Editors, monitoring and reviewing membership of the editorial boards
  • in conjunction with the Executive, select editoris, guest editors of special issues and members of editorial boards
  • monitoring the quality, efficiency, costs and sales of MERGA publications (including institutional memberships) 
  • in conjunction with the Editors of MERGA pubications and the Executive, reviewing and changing procedures and requirements regarding submission of manuscripts, peer-review and publication processes to improve the quality of MERGA publications
  • maintaining a supply of ISBN numbers for MERGA publications and placing orders with the National Library as appropriate
  • ensuring publication agreements are signed by authors and archives
  • considering applications for use of MERGA copyright material 
  • providing regular reports to the Executive and Annual Reports on each publication to the AGM
  • in conjunction with the Treasurer and Executive, develop and monitor the budget for publications
  • in conjunction with the Executive, manage applications for publication subsidies from MERGA mambers
  • liaising with bodies involved in the sale of MERGA publications
  • maintaining an archive of MERGA publications (hard copy and online)