The Treasurer's Duties

From the constitution:

The Treasurer shall collect dues and subscriptions, transact financial business upon direction from the Executive Committee, and maintain accurate financial records. The Treasurer shall also have custody of the common seal of the Association, copies of all documents to which it has been affixed, and certificates of title to all property owned by the Association.

Duties related to MERGA’s aims

Work with other Executive members and members of MERGA to:

  • Promote quality research in mathematics education
  • Disseminate information on recent mathematics education research and teaching developments
  • Seek to influence decision makers at all levels to take into account research findings in mathematics education

Typical activities and responsibilities

  • Participate in all meetings and appropriate activities of the MERGA executive and MERGA membership
  • Reporting regularly to MERGA executive meetings and AGM on recent activities and important correspondence related to the brief of the Treasurer
  • Close liaison with AAMT regarding collection of membership subscriptions
  • Preparation of annual budget and presentation to Executive of quarterly and annual financial statements
  • Arranging for annual auditing of MERGA financial statements, followed by presentation to AGM
  • Receiving and reporting to Executive and members on audited financial statements from MERGA annual conference
  • Monitoring GST and ABN requirements
  • Monitoring MERGA’s income tax exemption status
  • Overseeing claims for collection of Copyright Agency in accordance with MERGA publishing agreements