VP Communication

Vice President (Communication) Duties

From the constitution:

The Vice-President for Communication shall maintain a register of members of the Association specifying the name and address of each member, seek means for recruiting new members, supervise the production of an annual membership directory, and keep an accurate record of all the activities of the office.


Duties related to MERGA’s aims

Work with other Executive members and members of MERGA to:

  • Promote quality research in mathematics education.
  • Promote discussion and dissemination of information on recent mathematics education research and teaching developments.
  • Promote networking and supportive, informal, professional communication amongst members.
  • Recruit new members.


Typical activities and responsibilities

  • Directly (or indirectly through a contracted agent) maintain a current database of both individual members and institutional subscribers.
  • Retrieve information from the database as required by other Executive to carry out their duties – e.g. potential referee lists for publication editors, or membership composition for FASTS.
  • Respond to queries from members or potential members.
  • Produce and distribute annual membership application forms.
  • Produce a Membership Directory every two years (even years) and distribute to current members.
  • Maintain the MERGA email list and manage the distribution of ‘Newsletter’ items.
  • Manage the MERGA website by reviewing the currency and accuracy of its content and channelling the requests for changes from the Executive to the Webmaster.
  • Organise activities likely to increase individual  memberships and library subscriptions