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MERGA's Registered Address:

67 Kokoda Avenue
Wahroonga 2076


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14 351 828 453.
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The Executive is responsible for the overall management of MERGA.


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Mathematics Education Research Journal (MERJ)
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MERGA's GST status

As a non-profit organisation with annual turnover significantly below the $150,000 registration threshold, MERGA IS NOT REQUIRED TO REGISTER TO COLLECT THE GST, and nor have we chosen to register voluntarily. This decision was taken after consulting several authoritative sources. While this means that MERGA will not be able to claim Input Tax Credits to offset any GST we pay on goods and services used in our enterprise, our advice is that such benefits would be outweighed by the very onerous record keeping requirements in accounting for the GST - which represent a substantial burden for small organisations, such as ours, run by honorary office bearers. Thus MERGA will NOT be charging GST on goods and services or issue Tax Invoices.

Even thought institutions may ask for tax invoices, MERGA does not have to issue Tax Invoices to show the GST component of goods and services (e.g. conference fees, books, subscriptions). MERGA is NOT registered for GST so there is ZERO GST. If members want institutions to reimburse them for any MERGA expenses, they need a receipt but they do NOT need a Tax Invoice.