The Secretary's Duties

From the constitution:

The Secretary shall maintain minutes of business meetings of the Executive Committee and the annual business meeting, assist the officers with official correspondence, seek means for publicising the aims and activities of the Association, and coordinate nominations for the Executive Committee offices.

Duties related to MERGA’s aims

Work with other Executive members and members of MERGA to:

  • Promote quality research in mathematics education
  • Disseminate information on recent mathematics education research and teaching developments

Seek to influence decision makers at all levels to take into account research findings in mathematics education

Typical activities and responsibilities

  • Participate in all meetings and appropriate activities of the MERGA executive and MERGA membership
  • Prepare and circulate an agenda for MERGA executive committee meetings
  • Prepare an agenda for the AGM
  • Keep the minutes for all executive committee meetings, the annual Policy meeting, and the AGM
  • Organise the election of officers for the executive committee
  • Manage the official correspondence of the executive committee
  • Ensure that the business activities of MERGA are consistent with the Constitution
  • Represent MERGA at meetings and forums.

Pointers for the Secretary:

The main role of the secretary is to ensure that the business of MERGA is maintained and well-organised. All the executive positions are voluntary positions and generally they are undertaken by busy academics. As the secretary, you need to ensure that the activities associated with the executive are done and so this typically involves:

  • Setting agendas and schedules for executive meetings
  • Taking the minutes for the meetings
  • Preparing and circulating ‘Action Sheets’
  • Sending out emails to remind executive members of up-coming events and the associated tasks that need to be completed.
  • Working with the President to ensure key issues are discussed and addressed (particularly those that arise during the AGM and/or Policy Meeting)
  • Being aware of the official MERGA documents and policies so that all the decisions and activities are consistent with the Constitution, By-laws and policies.

Also, often MERGA needs to be represented at various meetings and forums, and the Secretary does this from time-to-time, particularly when the President is unavailable.