VP Conferences

Vice President (Conferences) Duties

From the constitution:

The Vice-President for Conferences shall present nominations for the membership of the special committees for conferences to the Executive Committee, provide leadership and direction for drawing guidelines for the planning, funding and conduct of conferences, and keep an accurate record of all the activities of the office.

Duties related to MERGA’s aims

Work with other Executive members and members of MERGA to:

  • Call for and manage the selection of conference venues
  • Take primary responsibility for supporting local committees in the organisation of conferences
  • Promote discussion and dissemination of information about conferences

Typical activities and responsibilities

  • Participate in all meetings and appropriate activities of the MERGA executive and MERGA membership.
  • Report regularly to MERGA executive meetings and AGM on recent activities and important correspondence related to the brief of the Vice-President for Conferences.
  • Respond to applications related to the annual MERGA conference, and communicate and lead discussion of these with other MERGA executive members.
  • Provide regular updates of the planning and organisation for each annual MERGA conference to the MERGA executive
  • Provide guidance and advice to the current and subsequent Conference Committee for planning and organisation of the annual MERGA conference.
  • Respond to correspondence from MERGA members related to the conference organisation.
  • Keep conference-related webpages and guidelines up to date.