Research awards

  • The MERGA Career Research Medal — for outstanding contributions to research in mathematics education across the years:
  • MERGA Research Award — for a significant recent contribution to mathematics education research:
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    • Past winners:
      • Early Numeracy Research Project (ENRP) research team (2011) Doug Clarke, Jill Cheeseman, Barbara Clarke, Ann Gervasoni, Donna Gronn, Pam Hammond, Marj Horne, Andrea McDonough, Pam Montgomery, Anne Roche, Glenn Rowley, Peter Sullivan, Ann Downton, Annie Mitchell, Rhonda Faragher, and Linda Parish. 
      • Kim Beswick (2014)
      • Katie Makar (2017)
      • The Numeracy Across the Curriculum Research Team (2017): Merrilyn Goos, Vince Geiger, Shelley Dole, Helen Forgasz, and Anne Bennison.

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