MERGA Home Page


Welcome to the website of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia Incorporated (MERGA). If you are already a member of MERGA, please log in to get access to the discussion forums and extra information available in the members' area.

MERGA is an association that aims:

  • to promote, share, disseminate, and co-operate on quality research on mathematics education for all levels particularly in Australasia;
  • to provide permanent means for sharing of research results and concerns among all members through regular publications and conferences;
  • to seek means of implementing research findings at all decision levels to the teaching of mathematics and to the preparation of teachers of mathematics; and
  • to maintain liaison with other organisations with similar interests in mathematics education or educational research.

Individual memberships of MERGA are available to people interested in mathematics education, and MERGA provides a range of activities and awards for its members. Publication subscriptions are available for tertiary institutions and libraries. Currently, MERGA has about 300 individual members and many institutional subscribers from Australia and New Zealand as well as other countries. There is a growing number of subscriptions from graduate students and teachers. Members are eligible for a range of awards as well as support for attending MERGA conferences.

MERGA has an annual conference. It aslo has a regular schedule of publications. These include refereed conference proceedings, two journals, a four-yearly review of mathematics education research in Australasia, books arising from Special Interest Groups, and some sponsored monographs. Electronic newsletters are distributed to members, and there is a moderated list for announcements as well as a web-based discussion forum for members.

If you are unable to find the information you need on this site, please contact the relevant Executive member or Editor. If MERGA's background and the contributions of its Life Members are of interest to you, please visit the History page.