Life Membership

Life members

Members of MERGA executive committees, conference committees, journal editors and other individuals have been asked—and offered—to do much throughout the existence of MERGA, and the Association owes much to those who have contributed so much. Life memberships have been awarded to people who have given service to MERGA that is well above what is normally expected, who have demonstrated significant leadership within MERGA or outstanding innovation in MERGA’s activities, and/or who have enhanced the standing of MERGA in the mathematics education community.

MERGA's life members: (table under construction)



Life Member Policy

One category of personal membership of MERGA is life membership. Life membership has the privileges of membership for the members’ lifetime.


Each nomination for Life Membership shall be considered on its individual merits. Decisions will be made on the basis of long association with the activities of MERGA; and:

  • service to MERGA well above what is normally expected;
  • significant leadership within MERGA;
  • outstanding innovation in MERGA’s activities;
  • strong support for MERGA’s activities;
  • enhancement of the standing of MERGA in the mathematics education community.


Any member of MERGA may nominate any other member for life membership provided that the nomination is seconded by a third member. However, no current member of the Executive can be nominated for Life Membership.

The nomination must be forwarded to the President in writing, at least two calendar months before the Annual General Meeting.  The nomination should be accompanied by written evidence supporting the case for life membership. The written evidence should be sufficient and robust enough for the Executive to make an informed decision.

The nomination will be discussed by the Executive at the meeting following receipt of the nomination, and before the AGM.
The Executive will decide whether to proceed with the nomination at the AGM.  Each nomination will be treated on its merits and the Executive will make its decision based on the written evidence provided.

For the Executive to send the nomination forward as a motion at the Annual General Meeting the nomination must be supported by at least 75 percent of the membership of the Executive.

At the AGM a motion in the following format will be moved: Motion: That [Name] be awarded life-membership of MERGA
and then after discussion put to the vote. (If present, the nominee should be excluded from the discussion.)

If the Executive decides not to support the nomination for Life Membership then the proposer and seconder of the motion will receive a written explanation of the Executive’s decision signed by the President.