Research Graduate Bursaries


MERGA has set aside funds to support recent doctoral (PhD or EdD) and research Masters graduates to attend the annual MERGA conference.

Doctoral and research Masters graduates are eligible to apply for support towards the cost of registration at the annual MERGA conference that falls within the 12-month period immediately following their accreditation. People whose graduations are not convenient for this timeline should contact the VP (Development), because some flexibility is possible.

The available funds will normally be capped at a total of $5000 per annum. On the recommendation of the MERGA Executive, the number of bursaries granted and the amount awarded may vary from year to year, depending on  the number of applicants.



  • Applicants must have graduated recently with a PhD, EdD or research-only Masters degree in mathematics education.
  • Normally, the period of eligibility for the Bursary is the 12-month period immediately following notification that the degree has been awarded. (People whose graduations are not convenient for this timeline should contact the VP (Development).
  • A research paper must be submitted and subsequently accepted for presentation and publication in the proceedings of the MERGA conference for which the bursary is sought.
  • An application form for an RGB with all necessary documentation is a prerequisite for the bursary to be awarded. 
The amount awarded to each successful RGB applicant will depend on the number of applicants and on the cost of registration. The total amount awarded in RGBs each year is capped at $5000. Normally the amount awarded is between 500 and 700 Australian Dollars.

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Download the Application Form for a Research Graduate Bursary from the MERGA website and send it to the Treasurer, together with the necessary attachments that meet the following requirements:

  • evidence that you have been awarded a PhD, EdD or Research Masters degree in mathematics education in the 12-month period immediately prior to the conference
  • evidence of submission of a research paper, based on your thesis, for the MERGA conference.


  • Your paper MUST be accepted for presentation and publication in the MERGA conference proceedings in order to be granted an RGA.
  • You must be planning to attend the full conference.
  • The payment is made by cheque, at the conference, by the Treasurer.
  • No announcements of recipients' names are made.
  • A person may receive only one RGB across his/her career.

Send your MERGA Research Graduate Bursary application to the MERGA Treasurer. MERGA Research Graduate Bursary applications should reach the Treasurer NOT LATER THAN the closing date for research papers.


Additional information

If you need any further information, please contact the MERGA Treasurer.

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