Student Bursaries


MERGA sets aside funds to support postgraduate student members to attend the annual MERGA conference. The amount of the Student Bursary and the eligibility criteria have been changed for 2003 and subsequent years.


A bursary of up to $800 will be awarded to MERGA student members ON A CASE BY CASE basis.
You are eligible to apply for a bursary if:

  1. You are a student
  2. You have submitted a research paper (possibly as a co-author) for presentation at the conference.
  3. You have not received financial support from MERGA to attend a conference at any time in the past.

The bursary will be paid to you if your paper is accepted by the reviewing committee and you do attend the conference to present your paper. [You are also encouraged to seek support from your institution or from sources available to your institution. Some institutions will pay your full costs whereas MERGA can only make a contribution.]

The amount awarded to for each MERGA student bursary will depend on the number of applicants and a range of other factors including anticipated costs e.g., travel costs. It will not be less than $500 nor will it be more than $800 per student. The total amount awarded each year will be capped at $5000. [Please note that the bursary awarded to each successful applicant will be in addition to the reduction in the registration fee for student members.]

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Applications for MERGA Student Bursaries

Download the Application Form for a Student Bursary (PDF pdf version 39KB) and send it to the Treasurer together with necessary attachments to meet the following requirements:

  • evidence that you are a full or part-time postgraduate student (Masters by research, EdD or PhD) in mathematics education. If you are a part-time student, you must also furnish evidence that you are NOT employed more than a total of 0.5 in any job(s) you may have;
  • evidence of registration for the full conference
  • evidence of submission of a paper (single or co-authored) for presentation at the conference
  • The payment is made by cheque, at the conference, by the Treasurer.
  • No announcements of recipients' names are made.
  • A person may receive only one student bursary across his/her career.

Send your MERGA Student Bursary application to the Treasurer. There is no proforma, but you need to include the points above. MERGA Student Bursary applications should reach the Treasurer NOT LATER THAN May 1st.

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Additional information

If you need any further information, please contact the Treasurer.