Publication Agreement

Publication Agreement

MERGA has recently taken out membership of the Copyright Agency Limited (CAL), a not-for-profit organisation that manages licensed copying of printed works on behalf of authors and publishers. One of CAL’s functions is to distribute money collected as license fees to copyright holders. In order for MERGA to claim publisher’s entitlements to CAL distribution moneys and use these funds for the benefit of our members, procedures for establishing ownership of copyright need to be clarified.

The MERGA Executive has decided that a Publication Agreement should be sought from authors whose work appears in any MERGA publication, including the Proceedings of the annual conference. Note that the Publication Agreement allows authors to use all or part of the work in future publications, to archive an electronic copy in the e-repository of the authors institution after publication with a link to the correct MERGA publications page, and to make reasonable numbers of copies for academic or teaching purposes.

Authors of conference papers (or first-named authors of multi-authored papers) should download the from the conference website, insert the title of their paper, sign and date the Agreement, and send it, electronically (for preference) to the Conference Secretariat (see conference website).

Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication in a MERGA journal may download the agreement from the appropriate MERGA journal webpage and forward to the editor of the journa. The agreement may be submitted electronically (preferably) or in hard copy.

Publication Agreement for MERGA Conference Proceedings (MSWord rtf format)

Note that for multi-authored papers only the first-named author needs to sign the Publication Agreement.

Publication Agreement for MERJ

Publication Agreement for MTED