Author Checklist

Author Checklist

Please use this list to check that you have fulfilled all the requirements before sending your paper. Do not send this page.

Note that there are only two due dates for submissions:

  • Early Bird research papers, sets of Symposium papers, and papers from Early Career Award applicants must be received by the first date.

  • Research Papers and abstracts for Short Communications, Round Table Presentations, and Posters are all due by the second date.

  • Papers not conforming to instructions for authors and the points below will not be sent out for review.

  • If any author(s) submits two papers, they must be distinctly different.



  • The template was used for all types of submissions.
  • Text has been run through an Australian English Dictionary Spell Checker and Grammar Checker

  • Text has been read carefully by someone else

  • The name of the presenter(s) is underlined

  • Document format conforms with page size, and number of pages and all other specifications in the template/instructions (Note: especially format for tables and figures and their labels)

  • Font sizes have not been changed from the template's styles

  • All works cited in the text appear in the reference list, and vice versa

  • Your file has been saved as .doc of .docx (not .rtf or .pdf)

  • Files have been checked and are virus free

  • Does the conference website ask for a coversheet?

Sending submissions as attachments

For Research Papers and Symposia upload on the conference website:

  • One copy of full version of paper
  • One blinded copy of file (all references to Author(s) removed) 
  • Abstract and 5 keywords selected from the list below


For Short Communications, Round Table presentations and Posters, upload on the conference website:

  • One copy of abstract
  • Separate file containing abstract and 5 keywords selected from the list below

If you have submitted a Research Paper or Symposium Paper, do not submit the same matter (or anything close to it) for another submission, including a Short Communication, Round Table presentation, or Poster. 


Sending the Publications Agreement

For copyright purposes for Research Papers and Symposium papers, print, complete, sign, and snail-mail a copy of the MERGA Publications Agreement to the Conference Secretariat. A separate form is required for each submission.  We prefer electronic submission of these forms, but hard copy (mailed to the Conference Secretariat is also acceptable.




ADVM Advanced mathematical thinking
ADUL Adult education
ALGE Algebra
APMD Applications and modelling
ASSE Assessment and evaluation
BELI Beliefs and attitudes
BRID Bridging courses
CALC Calculators
COGF Cognitive functionings
CONS Constructivism
COOP Cooperative learning
CRCS Cross-cultural studies
CURR Curriculum development
DIST Distance education
EARC Early childhood
ESTI Estimation
ETHN Ethnomathematics
GEOM Geometry
GEND Gender

GIFT Gifted and talented
GRAP Graphs and diagrams
HIST History of mathematics
INDI Indigenous people
INST Instructional materials
INTS Interactions – teacher/student
INTL Interactions – teaching/learning
KNBO Knowledge building & organisation
LANG Language
LSTR Learning strategies
MODE Modelling
MEAS Measurement
MENT Mental computation
META Metacognition
NCON Number concepts
POLI Politics
PRIM Primary

PRBY Probability
PRSO Problem solving
PRDE Professional development
REPR Representations
SECO Secondary
SOCI Social context
SOLO SOLO taxonomy & Van Hiele
SPAT Spatial concepts
SPRE Spreadsheets
STAT Statistics
TEXP Teacher experience
TPER Teacher perceptions
TEDU Teacher education
TECH Technology
TERT Tertiary mathematics
VISI Visual imagery
VOCA Vocational education
WRIT Writing