Party ‘Promises 2010 Election’

From: Anna-Maria Arabia <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 15:44:36 +1000
To: <>
Subject: Party Responses to FASTS Science & Innovation Federal Election Questionnaire 2010

FASTS Science & Innovation Federal Election Questionnaire 2010

Responses from the Australian Labor Party, Liberal/National Coalition, and The Greens to the FASTS Election Questionnaire have been received.

The questionnaire and a table comparing policies and positions across Parties are attached and are available at

Please note: where questions have not been directly answered, an attempt has been made to extract the most relevant information from the statement provided by the Parties.  

To ensure you can also view the questionnaire responses in their entirety, a link to the complete documents received by FASTS can also be downloaded from the FASTS website. 

Thanks you again for your contribution to this important process which will inform the thinking of scientists and innovators Australia wide as they cast their ballots.



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